Lauren Brook:: The Business

I started Lauren Brook at my parent’s kitchen table. Jewelry making was just a hobby my mom suggested. A respite from an anxious brain and university classes. Turns out, I enjoyed it a lot. So much so bought a beginners metalsmith kit, taught myself to solder, and took the leap from bead work to designing crafting my very own pieces from start to finish. Lauren Brook became official in 2016 when I listed my first original design on Etsy and started showing my work at art shows around the country. Here at LB, you’ll find jewelry for every woman. Both minimalist and maximalist designs that take the wearer from home, to work, and everywhere else she finds herself. What you wear is an expression of yourself. Let’s make sure the jewels you choose are unique and created with love and care. You deserve it. .


Lauren Brook:: The Girl

I’m just a regular human who created her own beautiful life when I decided the academic and professional path I imagined as a (very serious) child just wasn’t for me. I was born in Minnesota and moved to Memphis, Tennessee when I was nine years old. I fought hard not to love this southern city. But, in the end Memphis won my heart and I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. I love being where people are real, working hard, and try their best to love their neighbor. I love Jesus. I hate my anxiety disorder but accept it and fight it hard. I’m obsessed with my yorkie poo Watson. I’m all about livin’ that vegetarian life and doing good things for this big blue ball we call home. I’m a big fan of coffee, sweets, staying in, and reading whatever I can get my hands on. I’m a pretty classic enneagram 5 with a plot twist of a job. One time I saw Stanley Hudson from The Office at a restaurant in Rome.